Nova Scotia’s Auction House
Mariner Auctions is located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia where they conduct auctions on a regular basis.
They also conduct auctions in other locations all over Eastern Canada and Ontario.
Mariner Auctions is equipped with the latest technology in the auction business. In addition to drawing a crowd at their auctions, they also stream their auctions live over the internet with spirited real time online bidding.

With over 50 years combined experience & expertise in the auction industry and specialize in:
Bankruptcy Auctions
Sport Memorabilia
Business Closures
Professionalism, Integrity and Service
I had the opportunity to create new business card designs for Mariner Auctions, they were looking to freshen up their existing business cards. After a few sketches to get a concept, Dustin asked to use a photo I had taken of beach rocks that they used occasionally on social media. I used the image to create a duo-tone effect as a background knocked out by their logo in white.
The other side of the card contains some elements from the front of the card with contact information.
The cards were printed on 16pt stock and silk lamented.
The printed business cards.
Thanks for looking :)
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