Flagship Cream Ale : Logo, Label & Design
Our graphic design class was assigned a project to develop a beer name, beer logo and label.
I decided to design a local beer that incorporated local traits so the beer label would also appeal to tourism as it is a big industry in Newfoundland. I envisioned the beer to be a flagship beer or premium beer and felt as this is a nautical based design Flagship wouldn’t be second guessed!
I chose to incorporate a Man ‘o War ship, over a red sun held above the ocean by wave elements. I chose a uncial typeface to suit the nautical feel of the logo balanced with a sans serif. I kept the colors in ocean blues with a pop of orange and red to contrast and grab attention.
I chose to mock up the label on a blue beer bottle to assist in the contrast of the orange and red and stand out to potential consumers.

Thanks for looking!
– KB
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