My Client Auction Network has become the exclusive auctioneer for the Woodland Artist, Christian Morrisseau. I was approached by Auction Network to design a website for Christian Morrisseau.

Christian Morrisseau is the son of renowned Woodland artist Norval Morrisseau. His work is of the Woodland Art, which has big bold bright colours. I loved Norval's and Christian's work, so this was a fantastic opportunity and an honour to be able to design the look and feel of
Along with designing the website, I was also able to design a poster and web banners to promote a massive auction of Morrisseau's work, "All The Colours".

The design was then handed off to Insiteful Solutions ( who then took the theme and built the working website (
The images below are the mock ups and the guide provided, there are variances between the initial design and the actual website. I am really pleased to see the website come to life, Insiteful Solutions built it as a responsive website that works on all devices.
I wanted the website to be clean and open, I wanted all of the attention on the beautiful work of Christian Morrisseau. I chose Adobe Garamond Pro as the display font, paired with Source Sans Pro, I felt a classic serif brought a timeless and important image that was balanced with a more modern sans serif. Like an art gallery, I wanted the website to showcase Morrisseau's amazing work, in a clean and open environment.
Postcard design | Front
Postcard design | Back
Email flyer design
Please visit to view the final website for more information on Christian Morrisseau and his work.

Thank you for viewing!
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